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Artist's photograph, blonde girl with black flatcoat dog

Hello, I'm Bonnie, a mixed media artist based in the midlands, UK. My main specialism is portraiture, I have drawn and painted people and pets for the last decade. Animals are a big passion of mine and you can see this in my work where they are frequently the subject! 

My other interests include upcycling jars by painting them with glass paints to be used as candle holders. These are very popular and I have sold many in the UK and abroad. 

My creativity recently has led me to start reworking thrifted clothing with fabric paints and decorative sewing which I sell online. Since graduating with a fine art degree from Nottingham Trent in 2019 I have completed many freelance jobs such as cover illustrations for magazines, pet portraits, a painting for an environmental charity and also a teaching residency at a primary school.

Please browse through my site to see examples of my artistic range. I am truly very versatile and flexible when it comes to art and I love taking on creative projects, so please get in touch if you have any ideas! 

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